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"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ll choke you with the same hand I fed you with." -anonymous

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Reading: I Am Malala, Queste, Good Omens
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Writing: Moonless, F.O.R.G.E.T., Star Spangled and Tartarus Deep, Make Your Choice, Anywhere with Spooky or Haunted in the Title
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1. Rather Be - Clean Bandit
2. Where Did the Party Go - Fall Out Boy
3. Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran Ft. Demi Lovato
4. Girls Chase Boys - Ingrid Michaelson
5. Wonder - Emeli Sand
6. Set Fire to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol
7. Ain't It Fun - Paramore
8. 10 AM Gare Du Nord - Keaton Hens
9. This is Gospel (Empty Arena) - Panic! at the Disco
10. Same Love - Angel Haze
11. Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
12. Chocolate (Acoustic) - The 1975

Welcome to the Argo!
“I hope that was a monster I just killed. I was a Shakespearian actor in college! Picked up a little swordplay."
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a villain that became a villain not because they seek vengeance or crave power but because villains always have better one-liners, outfits, and musical numbers



Someone come cry over Merlin with me

For some reason I thought it’d be a good idea to go through the Merlin tag and it’s Merlin Day too and basically I just got a flood of Merlin feelings and I want to die

— Annabeth at some point probably (via vaguely-pedophilic-swingset)



Plot Twist: Octavian ends up being Gaea’s sacrifice.

another plot twist: in boo, rick gives him a pov and then you hear his side to the story and it ends up being dark, twisted, lonely, spiteful, unloved, woeful, dejected, unwanted, and despondent. then when he dies, we will be so attached already, and it’ll feel like hes a part of us and we will be sorry for hating him and he DIES and we will be beside ourselves in greif and emotionally kill ourselves.

Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.


Au where Leo stops obsessing over getting a girlfriend / stops looking at every female as a potential love interest  & realizes you don’t need a be in a relationship to be complete and doesn’t feel lonely since he has amazing friends  

Also, he rebuilds festus as a wicked cool flying dragoon again and flies off into the sunset content and happy with himself  




Warm ups with Piper<3 i really need to figure what my style is

I got it to work, but there’s a comment saying it repeats and doesn’t have the ending? I mean, it makes sense seeing that it’s 4 hours long, but I’ll see how far it gets because I really want to watch it

Anonymous  whispered: What are you going to watch now?

I’m going to try and see if I can get Beauty and the Beast to work (it kept freezing my laptop earlier) or I’ll watch Next to Normal or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (because we read that last year). I don’t really know which



Aphrodite: what you find attractive in a person

Apollo: favourite piece of music

Ares: opinion on war

Artemis: favourite animal and why

Athena: share a piece of wisdom

Dionysus: red, white, or rosé?

Demeter: favourite season and why

Eros: describe your crush

Hades: do you believe in life after death?

Helios: opinion on tanning

Hephaestus: do you think disability can ruin a relationship?

Hera: opinion on feminism

Hermes: last text you sent

Hestia: describe your ideal house

Pan: opinion on gay rights

Persephone: is climate change really a thing or is everyone just overreacting?

Poseidon: list three fears

Zeus: three places you want to travel to

Anonymous  whispered: I just wanted to let you know that the Book of Mormon book that another anon was telling you about isn't actually like the book form of the play. It's actually a religious scripture for the LDS Church. Kind of like a bible or Koran. Just wanted to let ya know what it was cuz you sounded like you thought it was more novel-y:) have a fantastic day!!!

Well I did know that there is a Book of Mormon that’s like an actual religious book, but yeah, it did sound like they meant that the musical was based off a novely thing. 


due to low self esteem if someone is hitting on me i probably wouldn’t even be able to tell unless they directly said “i love you and want to date you” and even then i would be a little skeptical